Bernie Dushman, Vice President

I began my Tai Chi study at our New York location in 2002. Perhaps I was looking for some stability after 9/11 or perhaps, as I have told our beginning students, I was simply trying to satisfy a lifelong goal of learning to stand on one foot. In any case, I found much more. I found a way to be more at home in my body and in my life. I found teachers who were positive, supportive and demanding in the best possible sense. I found a community. Four years later, I began my apprentice work at the summer training at Goucher College and was deeply moved by how much everyone seemed invested in my success and that of the other B1 apprenticeship participants.

Now I teach twice a week at the New York school, and am continuing my studies of Push Hands and Sword. I had hoped that by teaching, I could give back a little of what I have gotten from this remarkable organization. However, in truth, I get much more from my students and my fellow teachers than I could ever give back.

So I’m going to try again to give back. I am a lawyer by training and by profession. I am currently employed as the General Counsel of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a not-for-profit corporation, and therefore, I am involved daily in the business of running a not-for-profit. Over the last 30 years, I have served on the board of several not–for-profit organizations and have served as the president of a few: the ACLU of Ohio for five years, and the co-op in which I live in Brooklyn for eight years. For the last six years, I have also been on the board of our local teaching center, the NY-School of T’ai Chi Chuan. In addition, I consult, on a pro bono basis, with other not-for-profits on matter of governance and management. I feel with my experience and professional perspective, I could be of service to TCF, to its larger goals, and to its members.