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Announcing The New Teaching Forum

We are happy to announce TCF’s new Teaching Forum. This blog has been set up for school members to post original articles and others of interest. The aim is to inspire interaction and sharing on what and how we teach. To submit articles please address your correspondence to


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Spring Tai Chi in Amsterdam, April 12 &16

Yes! Spring has arrived in the flower capital of the world!  And tai chi is in full swing.  Attend a weekend with Legacy Holders Sherry Kent and Gerri Sporken.  Good food, good company, excellent experience!  Check TCF website and click on the link to get more info.

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Summer Tai Chi Vacation in U.S. Pacific N.W. in July

Our ongoing work is enlivening all levels of our curriculum, from beginning through the most advanced, with ever-increasing depth, clarity, and playfulness. As our understanding and embodiment click into place, working together has never been more rewarding!

The first week, from July 20 through July 27, is for advanced students and Apprentices who are studying Push Hands 4 and above. The second week, from July 27 through August 2, is for all students, from beginners through our most advanced.

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Tai Chi Beginner and Apprentice Training Vacation in July, Whidbey Island, WA

Don’t miss Summer in the U.S. with the best tai chi teachers from the Tai Chi Foundation School. Visit TCF website at home page for more information.more →

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Top Ten Reasons to practice Tai Chi

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December 2012 in Atlantic Beach, FL.

From 27 December 2012 to 5 January 2013 a dedicated group of T’ai Chi players met to study and practice together in Atlantic Beach (Jacksonville) FL. Music by “The Lost Safari Drummers” with consent of Joan and Paul Campbell.

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Tai Chi can prevent serious falls with elderly

Something to pass on to your friends, students and teachers! How tai chi practice can help prevent serious falls, read on

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Try Tai Chi to improve balance

With its integrative approach that strengthens the body while focusing the mind, tai chi addresses a range of physical and mental health issues—including bone strength, joint stability, cardiovascular health, immunity, and emotional well-being.  Read more…

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Tai Chi good for COPD patients

Great article about people with COPD.  Read more.  ”The improvement in balance, together with the significant improvement in lower limb quadriceps strength after Tai Chi training, shows that short-form Sun-style Tai Chi has the potential to reduce falls in people with COPD,”…..

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