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T’ai chi benefits keep coming!

Check out this link to more reasons why t’ai chi is good for us, see this link about t’ai chi and women’s health.

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More medical benefits to t’ai chi

Board member Kate M. found this link about medical benefits to t’ai chi.

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Tai Chi in Space!

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T’ai Chi makes your brain bigger and improves memory

Check out this link:

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Wheelchair Tai Chi

Click here to read more about wheelchair tai chi.

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Tai Chi and Heart Health

Tai chi can improve heart health…read more.

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What you need to know about Summer in the UK

Be sure to visit the UK Summer Training site.  There’s something for the whole family.

Why Tai Chi is good for elderly

Check out this article from the UK’s Telegraph on Tai Chi and the Elderly (just click and it will link you).


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Needed: Candidates for the Board of Directors

If you are interested in serving,  nominate yourself or someone you want to recommend to the TCF Board of Directors.  Send your bio to Elections are held in January for the 2012 Board of TCF.

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Death of Robert W. Smith

Robert W. Smith (1926-2011)

Robert W. Smith passed away the evening of July 1st. He was a noted martial art researcher, writer, teacher, and practitioner. He was the author and co-author of 16 books and numerous articles dealing with the fighting arts. His work no doubt touched many martial artists regardless of style.

Over the years, we published ten articles by Mr. Smith in our Journal of Asian Martial Arts.

“Fifty Years in the Fighting Arts – Interview with Robert W. Smith” is an encompassing piece by Russ Mason.

In addition, I worked closely with Mr. Smith to publish his last book, Martial Musings – A Portrayal of Martial Arts in the... more →