Hal Caswell

I would not have expected, way back then, to enjoy practicing, and certainly not to teach, tai chi. It is a credit to this school that I can, and do. I came up on tai chi at about the same time I was completing my Ph.D. If you have ever done that, or known anyone who has, you know that it’s a stressful time. That is an understatement.  Tai chi, and the meditation that I learned with it, gave me a sense of self, and calmness, and perspective.

Our students tend to say that tai chi adds to their lives, no matter what they do. Me, I’m a scientist (no, not a mad scientist) — you can find out more at www.whoi.edu/hpb/Site.do?id=1030. Tai chi works for me.

So, welcome to the web site of the Tai Chi Foundation. We welcome your inquiries. Even more than that, we welcome you on the practice floor, at one of our local branches, or at one of our summer programs. The first steps are easy. Sure, we can tell you all about how wonderful tai chi is, and how good it is for you, but the best way to find out is to try it. At least, it worked that way for me.