T’ai Chi Foundation Membership Renewal & Reinvestment

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Your membership and access to membership-only parts of the site are valid for 1 year from the date your dues are paid.

Apprentice Membership (open only to approved member apprentices): $120.00

(If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, please contact a TCF location in your area to find out how you can apply.)

First Year Apprentice

Apprentice Renewal
Second Year and above

Limited Income / College Student: $60.00

Limited Income and/or College Students Annual Dues

Benefits: advance mailings and information via email, newsletters, advance notice of special public training opportunities, and industry updates.

(Limited Income Membership is available to those who are on a fixed, or low, income.)

Reinvestment Fund for Teaching Locations

Royalties traditionally paid by schools and teaching locations are now replaced by the TCF Reinvestment Fund. This is an exciting decision that will test the very fabric of our community.

Your continued support will enable the board to do its work and pay for general overhead costs like administration, phone costs, bookkeeping, website, organization of trainings. You will also be funding important projects such as the ongoing curriculum review, new product development such as the new “Roots and Branches” DVD, and a certification process that will make us more appealing to new students and apprentices.

The School needs this support, and we ask you to continue your reinvestment with the same percentage as you have been paying. Previously, locations had a choice to support us at a level of 5%, 10%, 15%, or higher, of their gross income. If the spirit moves you to a higher contribution, we thank you in advance—but any percentage is welcome! This decision is effective as of the first of January 2011.

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T’ai Chi Foundation is a 501(c3), non-profit education organization. Your support is greatly appreciated.