Need help signing in?

I can’t login. What now?

We’re recently changed our Dues Payment system from manual to online. Your membership dues must be current and paid in order to access the Apprentice section of the website. Each member has their own username and password. You would have received this in one of two ways:

A) If you paid your dues online as either a school-sponsored first year apprentice, or a renewing 2nd-year or above apprentice, you would have created your own user account after you paid your dues online.

B) If your dues were paid by your school (primarily 2nd year or above apprentices from New York, Chicago, Ireland & England) – then we created your user account and sent you the information via email.

If you fit into one of these two groups and you don’t have a username and password, here’s what to do:

  1. First, check to see that your user account has not be created: go here and enter your email address, and click the button that says "Get New Password". If you do have a user account, you’ll be sent a link that lets you select a password. Then you can visit the apprentice sign-in page and log in.
  2. If you enter your email address and you receive a message that says "Invalid username or e-mail," then your user account has not been set up. Click here to request your user account.