The Beginning Level of the School of Tai Chi Chuan

The Form, Beginning Level

The Beginning Level of Cheng Man-ching’s Yang Short Form is taught in approximately 30-35 one-hour classes, divided into three separate sections: B1, B2 and B3. The moves of the form are thoroughly explained and practiced in classes which normally meet for one hour, once or twice a week. Daily practice is recommended.

B1 – The First Third

In the first 10 classes, students learn the moves of the First Third and are introduced to the basic principles of Tai Chi.  Relaxation is the key.  The First Third is also called The Healing Third.

B2 and B3

The remaining 20 classes at Beginning Level, usually taught in two 10-week sections, complete the teaching of the basic Yang Short Form. Each class begins with a complete review of the previous class before moving into the new material.