Other Classes of the STCC

Roots & Branches Qigong

This practice is both energetic and healing as it condenses Tai Chi into standing postures, walks and shifting movements.  By integrating principle, breath and focus in the “tan tien” with awareness of the Chinese Five Elements, this work generates, circulates and unblocks “chi” (vital energy) allowing it to nourish us at the very deepest level. Valuable work for students of all experience levels, and open to both complete beginners and non Tai chi practitioners.

Roots & Branches is both the simplest and deepest work in our tradition. Accessible to the athlete as well as the bedridden, to those who wish to study deeply, and those with no time at all. It can restore health and strength, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and spiritual awareness.

Patrick Watson was intitiated into this work when Cheng Man-Ch’ing gave him postures and movements for his health. In the mid1970s Patrick decided the School of Tai Chi Chuan should preserve this work and asked Pat Gorman to interview everyone Cheng Man-Ch’ing had worked with in this way: their illness, Chinese diagnosis, assigned work and results. A Five Elements acupuncturist and one of the School of Tai Chi Chuan’s legacy holders, Gorman has worked with fellow legacy holder Gerrie Sporken to transform this information into the Roots & Branches Qigong program.

Eight Ways

Eight movements from the Tai Chi form were distilled by Professor Cheng into exercises that are easy to learn and fun to practice. The Eight Ways provides all the health benefits of the full form. The major purpose is to teach/link the essence of Tai Chi to functioning in the world. Each move has everyday applicability – how to become stronger climbing stairs, sitting and rising, lifting, reaching, etc. This practice strengthens the legs, improves circulation all over the body, and is great for coordination from ordinary living to preparation for sports. You will often find this course offered at our Summer Trainings. The course is especially good for those whose health does not allow them to do the full form.

Traditional Hawaiian Swimming

Offered during our Summer Trainings, this swimming technique used by Hawaiian warriors from the Huna tradition uses the Tai Chi principles of timing, balance and relaxation.

Arica Trainings

A number of Arica Trainings are offered throughout the year at various Tai Chi Foundation/School of Tai Chi Chuan locations. These trainings are intended to enhance the study of the Tai Chi form.