Car Care and Tai Chi! - by Margaret Olmsted (Jul 2018)

I went to a car show last spring and admired the beautiful old cars that had been lovingly cared for. It reminded me that for those of us who are aging, we are like older cars. If we want a car to last a long time, we need to put in good gas and fluids and lubricate the moving parts and keep it clean inside and out. We have to take it out for a drive. It can’t just sit in the garage. If we want to have a pristine old car, we need to put in a lot of attention and TLC over the course of many years.

So, if you are young, start now giving your body good food and drink and lubricate your joints with tai chi. And take care of your exterior as well as your interior. A new car needs very little attention, but as it ages, more and more maintenance is required. So start now!

And if you are older, it’s not too late! Put in your time doing tai chi and qigong. Take yourself out for a walk. Eat healthy and give your body some good attention. Some old cars have gotten good care all their lives and some didn’t get it until they were renovated. Renovate yourself! It’s never too late to start doing tai chi! Come to a summer training in Massachusetts, Washington or Ireland. Or look for a class in your area. Check out our website for information:

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