Cultivate Your Chi

by Edna Brandt, LAc Licensed Acupuncturist and Tai Chi Teacher

Your houseplants or your lawn or garden will grow more or
less by themselves, though they will get gangly or weedy
without attention. If you want a premium lawn or prize roses,
you need to cultivate, to pay attention to what is needed. You
need to make sure that there is the right placement, the right
amount of water and sun, the correct fertilizer. If you
cultivate your plants or lawn, they will have beautiful qi.
In the same way, you need to cultivate your own qi to have
the best health you can. Without special care, you will
continue to live, though you may get a little gangly or weedy.
If you cultivate your qi a little bit every day, you can have
prize qi, and your health will show it.
There are many ways to cultivate qi, and tai chi is one of
the best. Exercises of strength, like aerobics, running,
weightlifting and other sports are healthy and fun. While
they increase external vitality, they do not necessarily
support your internal vital energy. 

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