The Lion Dance Fire Tuning 2019 ~ (Aug 2019)


The Lion Dance Fire Tuning 2019

The Tai Chi Foundation offers qigong tunings seasonally. These tunings are an opportunity for people to join together doing qigong while in their own homes. From June 21 to July 11, 125 people participated in our summer/fire tuning, “The Lion Dance”. While a few people didn’t enjoy it, most people reported positively. Here are some of the comments we received.


I love these tunings. I love feeling the connection with the school.


I appreciate the enhanced focus that sharpens my attention to Principles with these exercises. Thank you!!!


I did it first thing upon awakening and I am not sure that my awareness of benefits/influences was apparent to me as I wake up slowly.


I quit participating after one week, but appreciate the opportunity to join in.               


Nice and easy and relaxing. Lighthearted focus is a nice change.


My balance is vastly improved! The stomping part (in particular) really helped my balance.


As I started the tuning, I was (and still am) in transition, anticipating a major move in a year. That was making me feel lackluster and disconnected from my current situation. I had a dream that I was in an airport terminal between flights and that I could not figure out what gate to go to because all of the departure information boards were missing. Doing the tuning has upped by energy and also made me understand that I can be and need to be fully rooted in the present even as I am ready to move in another direction. My mind had not been quieted, but my positive attitude toward my present and my hopefulness and excitement about the future have increased considerably. I know that I can stay centered and powerful, come what may.                


Although Patrice looked graceful, serene, balanced and beautiful demonstrating Lion Dance, I didn't feel any of those qualities doing the movements myself. I felt silly. 


I was generally lighter in my attitude and more joyful I think…faster to giggle.


Each day when I end the daily training, I always have a feeling of calm and confidence. Thank you! 


Training didn't touch my fire. Didn't find the lion dance fun. The lion pictures did not express the energies of Fire.  


This tuning made me smile, feeling happy, joyful and strong as a lion.


I did not like the lion dance, lost my balance there. Sparks and massage were fine.


My acupuncturist was impressed with my chi during the tuning.            


We were traveling through much of the training, so it was a common thread through locations which was very grounding, in special opposition to the uplifting fire forces.  


Felt wonderfully "heated up" by the work


I was feeling very good. After the tuning I feel even better.               


I felt empowered to face some anxiety.          


I enjoyed this tuning more than any other. When I was able to do it, I felt free, with an uplifting of spirit. The stroking at the end was very calming. Because of health problems and distractions I didn't do as much of it as I wish, but when I think of how it made me feel, I smile and feel glad. I'd like to do more of it!               


I started the tuning late and participated only sporadically at first. But because I noticed benefit, I plan to complete the tuning for the prescribed length of time. I notice the heart massage is especially calming and settling for both the emotional and physical heart for me, and the tuning is grounding overall.                 


Depending on the day, sometimes the training gave me really lots of energy and self-awareness. It was grounding and exhilarating at the same time.  


I enjoyed the fire tuning again this year, but due to the heat issues I did it more lightly and also did more water tuning and some wood in relevant places outside.


Doing the dance reconnected me with a sense of the joy of life.            


From sick, stressed with my next visa, and coming off an exhausting travel to living better, finishing visa application and resting... I'm not sure I can say it was due to the tuning... but the tuning surely helped me keep on my tai chi. Who's to say, but anyway... I'm in. 


I felt the warm and the energy of life while performing this tuning. Some days it filled me with joy and laughter and a smile.


I find the lion dance the most difficult movement. Why, I don´t know. 


I was doing the Fire Gates on Friday night when the [earthquake] rolling started here in Los Angeles. At first, I concentrated on my pose but after a few more seconds of more rock-and-rolling, I decided I better seek shelter because it might be a real earthquake! I have enjoyed doing this fire tuning and it has helped me with some anxiety I have been having. The Lion Dance and the chest massage relax me and the Fire Gates fire me up and give me confidence and strength!  


My granddaughter was playing in her sandbox listening to music from Moana when I began the Lion Dance - perfect for the prance and the smile.


This is by far my favorite of all of the tunings so far.  I enjoy the quietude of Embracing the Tao, the sinking and rooting of the Fire Gates, the playfulness of the Lion Dance, and the calming of the chest massage.  Using it to start my morning tai chi, I find that my rounds are emptier, I am more sunk and moving more from my tantien, and each move is fuller of intention. I might even keep doing this one after the tuning’s over!


To join in a future tuning, make sure to get on our mailing list by contacting the Tai Chi Foundation through our website:



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