Peter Kennedy, Secretary

Peter started his studies with the School of Tai Chi Chuan (STCC) in Dublin with Patricia McNally in 1988. Having completed the student program, he became an apprentice in 1998. He taught with the Dublin team for a few years before moving to France. Since then, he has continued his studies and taught at summer training and occasionally as a European school guest teacher. Peter's work background includes the Service Industry, Media - Radio Production, Painting and Decorating, Health and Beauty, Photography, Financial Services, and Higher Education. Since 2009 he has been working in Language and Communication, teaching for private companies and in University. In his free time, besides tai chi and sword, Peter enjoys painting in acrylics and has practiced calligraphy for many years. He enjoys writing poetry and haiku and does amateur dramatics. Peter is a keen photographer and likes to listen to and play music, including tin whistle, bodhrán, and acoustic guitar. Tai chi has always been a passion, and when Peter first saw it, he started classes immediately and has practiced ever since. Peter says the people he has met in the STCC and the training events have helped him beyond measure. Now he wants to help the Tai Chi Foundation and the STCC in any way he can to advance in their mission of spreading the knowledge of tai chi and expanding the tai chi school.

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