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Join us this summer as we get in touch with the Fire element.
We need it more than ever in this social distancing time.
Fire is about love and joy and the warmth of human connection.
In summer plants come into full bloom.
As human beings, we mature and become able to fully manifest ourselves with, perhaps,
the ultimate maturity being a fully realized human being filled with self-knowledge,
the consciousness of self and love for all.

This summer's tuning will be about rekindling the fire inside your own being.
How much time that takes is up to the individual.
Some will need more time and some might need less.
Find out what brings out your joy to move and love to dance.
How long do you need to allow your true being to shine?
What brings out your laughter?
Give the work a chance and you will succeed.
Fire always goes to the highest manifestation it can get to.
Let it open you up as it possibly will for others in the Tuning.