April 18–July 26, 2020. Or, you can sign up anytime after April 18th and continue for 100 days.

An At-Home Qi-Building Tuning

Constant Bears for 100 days with White Crane Stretches Its Wing and Chest caress self-massage

Special Zoom Class on April 17

With the entire world coping with a pandemic, it is more important than ever for us to work together in unity to heal ourselves and our planet. 

We invite you to join this special healing tuning dedicated to all people. 

1. First, let’s follow Professor Cheng's advice that doing the Constant Bear and Looking Owl 100 times a day for 100 days (in an unbroken thread) will generate better health, stimulate our defensive qi (called wei qi), which protects our lungs) and help improve our well-being.

2. Then, since the coronavirus assaults lungs, add White Crane Stretches its Wing to support our lungs that receive heavenly qi through breathing. Work at your own pace for five minutes (or longer if you like). The goal is to experience the filling of each lung and feel the qi in your body. Conclude when you feel each lung has expanded fully and has brought a sensation of qi, which can be a tingling sensation to your fingers, toes, or any area of your body.

3. Do the chest caress self-massage for 49 downward strokes. You can choose when you would like to do this after the Bear moves, before the Crane, or after the Crane.

4. Then observe: How does your chest feel? Has your breathing expanded? Do you feel more inspired and whole?

5. Finish with a few Constant Bears.

We will begin this tuning right after the spring tuning, to protect ourselves and dedicate time for self-care. We will practice through spring, with its refreshing awakening quality, continuing as more sunlight and warmth support our healing, slowly moving into the peak of summer.

Let’s explore how it will be to commit to a daily routine over several seasons. Let’s practice together from our separate locations and stay united to support all of humanity in this pandemic time. 

Do take care of yourself.

From all of us at the Tai Chi Foundation

Cost: Free

A donation of any amount to the Tai Chi Foundation would be appreciated. 

Click the DONATE button. Click on the amount you wish to donate, fill out the form and select "Constant Bear Tuning"

Simple Steps to Tune-Up for Spring

We will open the tuning on April 17 with an online session on Zoom

Please follow the simple steps below.

       1. Register by clicking on the "Register Now for Tuning" button below. We just need your email address, first and last name. We will not solicit, share, or give away your contact information. You can opt-out at any time.

       2. You will immediately be registered. Go to www.taichituning.com/video for more information, instructions, and videos. The video will be available before the tuning starts on April 18. 

       3. You will be added to a google group and receive the information about the Zoom class on April 17 and periodic emails and announcements throughout the tuning. 

       4. Following the Tuning, you will be invited to complete a short, online questionnaire. 


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