Join Us! 

for a Tai Chi Vacation in 

Northampton, Massachusetts

July 9 - 16

A summer tai chi retreat offers something for beginners and advanced students alike. Beginners come to learn the tai chi form and simple energy-generating qigong exercises. Intermediate and advanced students further their studies of the tai chi form, sensing hands, and sword. And Tai Chi Foundation-trained apprentice teachers refine their teaching.

The goal of our summer training is to give all participants a calm, grounded, whole-body awareness characterized by the experience of deep release and softening, a renewed connection to oneself and to others, and increased comfort and ease that permeate the body, heart, and mind. Lots of laughter punctuate our days together -- this is a profound study that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We like to have fun!

A typical day at camp will include a full schedule of classes between breakfast and lunchtime, including sessions for all participants to join in together, specific-level classes, as well as a meditation session for all, and teaching apprenticeships for those who need them. Classes will be taught by senior teachers with decades of teaching experience.

A leisurely lunch hour-plus will be followed by a lighter afternoon schedule with time for rest and recreation before dinner. Evening events will include music, and health and tai chi-related topics.

Single or double-occupancy dorm rooms will be our accommodations. Bathrooms will be shared hall baths, segregated by gender. We’ll use well-lit dance studios with wood floors for classrooms, and we’ll eat at the campus dining halls where we have found the food to be quite good, with sufficient variety to satisfy disparate dietary needs.

Join us on the shady green campus of Smith College in Northampton, MA, from July 9 - 16 for a week of fun, learning, self-care, and exploration. We can’t wait to meet you!

For the health and well-being of all participants, we require that all registrants submit proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

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