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Below are some discussion forums and study resources that TCF’s Legacy Holders believe would be of interest to all apprentices.

Discussion Forums

View the ‘TCF Active Apprentice Group at 
Note: The first time you use this link, you will need to email MO at [email protected] to add you to the Google Group  

Join the Cheng Man Ching Forum every Wednesday at 11am ET [8am PT / 4pm UK&Eire / 5pm CET] at 
Note: Every time you log in you will need the password [currently 578844] and you should email Redmond at [email protected] to subscribe to the forum’s newsletter 


Non-TCF videos [Links to YouTube etc]  

Ben Lo performs Cheng Man Ching’s form 

Ken Van Sickle performs the Sword Form 

Adam Misner talks about Yin/Yang & Mindfulness