The Tai Chi Foundation invites you to participate in the Spring 2022 Seasonal Tunings:

Growing Bamboo | Stalking the Fox

Tune in to the energy of Spring in an at-home training for your Health!

28 days | March 6 – April 2
Spring is a season of planning, decision-making, and making choices. We need a new view and hope for the future more than ever.

This Spring, the TCF offers you choices of how you want to experience the tunings! 


Growing Bamboo | Stalking the Fox


Which of these tunings best supports your path on Earth?

Which is most fitting for your growth and development?

Would you like to do one or both in one day? 

Or finish one and then do the other?

You will feel the rewards however you choose to participate.

Zoom Session to start the Tuning

Sunday, March 6, 10:15 am PT, 1:15 pm ET, 7:15 pm CET.

Sign up to learn more.

To read more about the Spring tuning, go to

Who Can Attend: 

These tunings are open to everyone.

No previous experience is required. 

 Possible Benefits:

Increased qi

An active relaxation

Stronger immune system

Revitalized Body – Mind – Spirit or Quality of Life

Loosened ligaments and tendons

Improved vision on all levels

Agility in body and mind

Cost: Free

A donation to the Tai Chi Foundation from participants would be appreciated. 

Here’s how to donate: Click DONATE

Select the amount you wish to donate, fill out the form, and chose

“Growing Bamboo” or “Stalking the Fox.”

Simple Steps to Tune-Up for Spring

  1. Register by clicking on the “Register Now for Tuning” button below. We need your email address, first and last name. We will not solicit, share, or give away your contact information. You can opt out at any time.
  2. You will immediately be registered. Go to for more information and videos.
  3. Periodically throughout the 27 days of the Tunings, you will receive an email from Margaret Olmsted, one of our teachers.

Join us as we grow together! 

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