Pat Gorman

Patty Gorman has spent most of her life immersed in the Chinese Arts of Medicine and T’ai Chi Chuan. She was introduced to T’ai Chi at Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing’s Shr Jung Studio in the early 1970’s, continuing her studies with Patrick Watson, the successor appointed by Professor to spread T’ai Chi worldwide. Together, they founded the T’ai Chi Foundation and the School of T’ai Chi Chuan, developing its’ remarkable programs and establishing a unique Team Teaching Program, attracting apprentices from both sides of the Atlantic.

Since Patrick’s passing in 1992, Patty has been working with her fellow appointed Legacy Holders and to grow the School, developing and adding programs to the Warrior-Healer aspect of the curriculum. These include Roots & Branches Qi Gong and it’s Medical Program for Doctors, Acupuncturists and Healers; The Energetics of Calligraphy, the Pole and the study of the Classical Five Elements in Medicine and the Martial Art of Push Hands, all of which have been produced with Gerrie Sporken, Ac.M.

Along with her Master Teachers in T’ai Chi, Patty had the great good fortune of studying Acupuncture and the Five Elements with Professor J.R. Worsley, master practitioner, from 1983 until his passing. Linking these two arts, taught by great teachers, has brought a gift of understanding and compassion by which she is inspired and is ever grateful.

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