Summer Self-Care Ideas in Massachusetts

Every region of the US and world offers different ways to restore your mind and body during stressful times. Sometimes self-care can involve something as commonplace as a local treat or break. For example, if you live in or near Massachusetts, you might consider a comfort meal of lobster rolls and apple cider donuts, a weekend in Cape Cod or Nantucket, or a trip to one of the state’s many parks and nature preserves. Summer can be an ideal time to plan self-care activities, as you’ll enjoy long days, warm weather, and colorful blooms.

If you’re searching for something a bit more intentional, however, there are plenty of self-care resources geared specifically toward mental and physical health. Here are just a few of many things to do in Massachusetts as part of your self-care journey this summer:

  • Western Massachusetts mindfulness resources. Western Massachusetts is home to multiple mindfulness resource centers. Explore meditation sessions as well as lectures and workshops on mental wellness.
  • New England Peace Pagoda. In Buddhism, peace pagodas function as monuments to non-violence, but also as places to reflect and find tranquility. The New England Peace Pagoda is located in Leverett, and people of all ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds are welcome. 

  • Three Sisters Sanctuary. If you’re within driving distance of Goshen, consider visiting the grounds, gardens, and exhibits at the Three Sisters Sanctuary. It’s a peaceful place to explore nature, art, and healing—no appointment is needed.

  • Tai Chi Retreat.  From June 2-9, 2023, you can take a Tai Chi Vacation at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts with the Tai Chi Foundation. Experience a week of fun, learning, self-care, and exploration for people of all skill levels. You can count on a full day of Tai Chi and adjunct classes; if you prefer a lighter schedule, you can choose more time for yourself and exploration of the local area. Register now!

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