Tai Chi Foundation

Grants to Support Teaching Locations Application

The Tai Chi Foundation’s Small Capacity-Building Grant offers individual teachers and teaching locations up to $1,500 in capacity-building support to implement a project, such as creating an ad campaign, paying for Web site support, or covering travel expenses for guest teachers, etc.  See the Small Capacity Grant Guidelines before you complete this application.

This grant money is not intended to replace money already being used to pay current expenses, but to add capacity (i.e., do new things) that leads to increased enrollment, improved marketing, or adding staff support. Applicant needs to be a member of TCF in good standing. There are two parts to the application: the narrative and the budget.

  1. The narrative: Please write a brief narrative and description of the proposed grant, including a title for the grant application. Submit a description of the project, time frame for planning and implementation, who will be in charge of the project, and what the desired outcome is.  Explain how you will measure the desired outcome or goals.

  2. The budget: Please use the budget template found here.

  3. Date each page of the grant application.  

  4. Provide C.V. or resume of each person involved in the project.

  5. Print your name and sign with date before submitting.

Send your proposal by e-mail to [email protected] and it will be circulated to the TCF Grants Committee.