Scholarship Guidelines

As well as its core and program expenditure (the main activities of the TCF), TCF (also referred to as “School”) makes a limited number of scholarships in pursuit of its not- for- profit mission each year. 

Bernie Dushman Scholarship Fund (BDSF)

Established in the memory of our fellow teacher, board member and friend, Bernie Dushman, the scholarship fund makes awards to support the training costs at Tai Chi Foundation Summer and Winter Tai Chi Trainings.  BDSF scholarships are for tuition only.  The amount of each scholarship depends on the cost of tuition, the financial need of the applicant, and the BDSF balance at the time of the award.

Eligibility:  Any person attending a TCF sponsored training for which there is a defined tuition cost.  Members of the TCF Board, members of the scholarship committee appointed by the Board, and employees of the TCF are not eligible while serving on the Board or scholarship committee, or while employed by TCF.

Scholarship awards are non-discriminatory. TCF wants to sponsor current and active apprentices to become fully-trained apprentices to expand the TCF base of teachers worldwide. Requests for scholarships from non-apprentices will be considered and awarded if funds are available after disposition of scholarship applications from TCF apprentices. 

To Apply:  Please read the Scholarship Policies & Procedures and complete an application if you qualify. Submission directions are shown on the forms. 

Click HERE for a copy of the Scholarship Policies & Procedures.

Click HERE for a downloadable Scholarship Application and Support Letter Forms.