Through summer residential camps, we come together to share our individual wisdom and to push far beyond what we are able to do on our own. TCF summer residential camps are a place for renewal and inspiration where beginners and teachers are welcome. The Tai Chi Foundation offers two public summer camp opportunities each year during July and August in the U.S. and in Ireland or the U.K. There is something for everyone from camping out to staying in a retreat center surrounded by natural beauty. Click here for a special video about the TCF Summer Camps

Visit the TCF Events Calendar for details about upcoming summer residential camps.

Upcoming Trainings and Tunings

Fall Online Intensive 2020
Fall Online Intensive: Sept 12, Oct 3-4 & Oct 24 Generating Qi Energy Through Movement and Meditation You are invited to join us for our fall intensive online tai chi study program, suitable for all levels, beginners to advanced. The goal is to enhance your internal relaxation and mindfulness and make tai chi more present in your daily life.
Embrace the Earth
Free Online Tai Chi Tuning- September 12 to October 10, 2020. Earth season is about spending time on yourself and others. It is a time to accept ourselves for who we are. How can we feel cared for and secure in this time of social distancing? We need to relax, feel the embrace of the Tao, tune into our centers and develop compassion for ourselves and others. It’s the time to connect with our human family.
Monthly Time in the Art
What is Time in the Art? This term has been used in our school for many years to refer to a class with a particular focus of study. These monthly drop-in classes are an opportunity to learn various aspects of the 'art' of tai chi chuan, and develop skill through focused practice. Time in the Art classes have typically been taught at our in-person trainings as a way to bring students of all levels together collectively, and Zoom gives us the opportunity to replicate this for our online tai chi community. Let's study the Art of Tai Chi together!