What is a Tuning?

Four to five times per year, the TCF offers seasonal Tunings. A Tuning is a practice where we align ourselves to the energy and quality of the season. The TCF Tunings are also a group of people doing the same routine simultaneously in their own homes. The tuning consists of qigong which generates energy for our health and well-being. We can harmonize with others across the world as we practice on our own, separate but connected, united in developing qi for ourselves and the well-being of all.

All our tunings contain videos with instructions, a starting and ending date, and a Google email group for updates and sharing experiences. The tunings start and end, when possible, with an online instructional Zoom session. Sometimes we also offer one halfway through.

Tunings are free, but donations to the Tai Chi Foundation are always appreciated. Donate

Return to www.taichifoundation.org to learn when a new tuning is being offered. Sign up here to receive advance notice of tunings.

• The current free tuning is: White Crane Breathing Autumn Tuning. Experience the Metal Element. For more information and registration click here.

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