Blue Ridge T’ai Chi has been presenting classes in the Charlottesville/Crozet area since 1993.  Our home base is in Crozet.  We offer the full range of classes from Beginning Form through PH3, and 8 Ways as well.
Our teaching team includes Lee Felton, Susan Dunlap and Charlotte Booth.  Lee has been teaching with the School since 1982, and has also been a part-time working musician for many years.  Susan began her apprenticeship in 1998, and professionally, has been a Nutrition Information Specialist in the natural foods retail sector for more than 30 years.  Following a career as the founder and director of a private alternative school, Charlotte became a new B1 apprentice in 2018. 
We’re currently teaching Beginning and Intermediate Form classes in Crozet, and two Beginning Form classes in Afton.  We also teach in partnership with Open Doors, the community and adult Education program for Albemarle County, VA, and are currently teaching an 8 Ways class with them.  In addition, we have a weekly advanced form, principle and sensing hands class for students who have completed PH3.