John E.

Tai Chi has been wonderful for me. Had been diagnosed with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy so had trouble with balance as well as problems with diabetes and hypertension. After a few sessions did much better with balance (I can now stand up and put trousers on and do not have to hold on to a banister on stairs and my blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are now well stabilized. Spiritually it has been a godsend in terms of developing a deeper sense of connection and oneness.

Nancy & Gary C.

“T'ai Chi camp at Whidbey Island was an extraordinary experience. As newcomers, we were welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm. There wasn't a moment of feeling awkward. Instead, everyone seemed so happy to see us, to show us around, to help us in any way they could.

Rhea G.

“My experience at Whidbey 2014 was both joyful and transformative. I found myself falling in love all over again with both tai chi and the remarkable senior teachers who so much embody the principles of tai chi. The quality of the teachers and the teaching was unparalleled. I learned so much in push hands, actually guiding me to be a better person, in service to my partner.

Anne S.

“Overall it was a wonderful experience. I gained some listening ability in my tai chi, some confidence in same, I remembered how true and real our connections to each other are.

The classes were good. I was impressed with the staff’s ability to hang in there and teach all day every day for two weeks. I like the more inclusive and less regimented way of doing everything, including push hands levels.

The place is stunning. The weather was stunning. The food was fabulous.

Thanks again for all you do.”


“(Taking the tai chi summer training)…consolidated my commitment to learn tai chi and desire to continue to practice.  The “Time in the Art” gave us a feeling for the core principles and what a more advanced practice might feel like.”       


“I appreciated the variety of communication styles, the humor and the supportiveness.”


“Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing my whole body.”

N.C., San Francisco

(Classes)...consolidated my commitment to learn tai chi and my desire to continue to practice.  The "Time in the Art" gave us a feeling for the core principles.