Video: T’ai Chi Form DVD: The Principles and Practice of T’ai Chi Chuan

New reduced price!: $24.95 plus s/h
DVD Produced for the T’ai Chi Foundation by Rick Brown to be used as an aid in your study of T’ai Chi.

The first section of this DVD shows the Yang style short form as a continuous flow from beginning to end, emphasizing the internal principles of T’ai Chi. The second section shows a round which pauses at the postures to point out specific indications in the form. Also included, is a short introduction to our school and as a special bonus, some rarely seen footage of our school’s founder, Patrick Watson. 27 minutes.

To order copies in the US contact the NYSTCC (212) 502-4112 or email To order copies in Europe contact Stichting – The School of Tai Chi Chuan at 31/20/625-9666 or email The cost for each copy is 35 dollars/euros plus shipping.

You can also buy our DVDs at many of our teaching locations. Ask your local instructor.