About TCF Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification is a distinct and separate process from teacher training (learning how to teach). We encourage applications from the ranks of our trained teachers. All applicants undergo a thorough evaluation of their skills and abilities. If you are a teacher coming to us from another school or tai chi tradition, we have a different process with different criteria.

We then grant official authorization to teach tai chi or qigong to applicants who meet our standards of excellence. As mentioned before, this certification status is optional. Still, it provides a teacher with recognizable credentials, so organizations such as health care facilities may confidently hire our certified teachers to provide wellness, fall prevention, arthritis, and other similar programs.

If you are currently a teacher trained by us, please contact [email protected] for further information on applying for TCF certification.

If you have been trained elsewhere to teach, we welcome your certification request and look forward to learning more about what you offer your students. Please contact us at [email protected] to explore Tai Chi Foundation teacher certification.