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Spring Seasonal Workshop – April 28th, 2024

Moving from the Dantian in 3 Easy Steps


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Led by:
Margaret Matsumoto (Legacy Holder)
Peter Schwartz (8th Level)
Linda Bisberg (Apprentice)

How well do you know your dantian?

Learning to move from the dantian is crucial to tai chi practice but is often daunting for students to grasp. By sensing and moving from this fascinating energy center, you’ll discover how to make practical use of one of tai chi’s key elements.

We’ll show you how.

Whether you’re first studying tai chi or are a teacher guiding students in their journey, this interactive workshop is sure to elevate your tai chi experience.

In the first hour, teachers will guide students in becoming aware of and moving from their dantian, followed by a Q&A session to deepen understanding. After the student portion of the workshop closes, in the second hour, teachers will have an opportunity to share their observations and top tips for helping students relax into and move from the dantian.

This is a collaborative student/teacher tai chi session you won’t want to miss!

Students who have begun to learn the form (B1 and above), as well as all active teachers, are encouraged to participate!

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