SpringWood Tuning

March – April

Summer Fire

June – July

Late Summer Earth Tuning

August – September


October – November

Water Tuning

December – January

What is a Tuning?
Five times per year, the TCF offers seasonal Tunings. A Tuning is a practice where we align ourselves to the energy and quality of the season. The TCF Tunings are also a group of people doing the same routine simultaneously in their own homes. The tuning consists of qigong which generates energy for our health and well-being. We can harmonize with others across the world as we practice on our own, separate but connected, united in developing qi for ourselves and the well-being of all.
All our tunings contain videos with instructions, a starting and ending date, and a Google email group for updates and sharing experiences.
Tunings are free, but donations to the Tai Chi Foundation are always appreciated.