The Tai Chi Foundation produces instructional and demonstration videos as free teaching aids for students.

Always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.T’ai Chi Foundation, Inc., its affiliate Teaching Locations, and its instructors assume no responsibility for any injury incurred from the use of these videos.

Learn about Set Up, Shoes, Shoulder Width, Relaxation & More in this series.

This learning portal is through a course delivery site called Teachable. Study the Art of Tai Chi at your own pace and progression.

We offer both free and paid courses.

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How do I sign up and is there a time limit for classes on Teachable?

On the Teachable site, you will set up your own user name and password. After you select and purchase a course, this course will remain in your own library. You can access all material and courses in your library at will. If you select a course that is a free class, follow the same steps for selection, the purchase amount will be $0.00 and your course will appear in your library as well. Some classes offer a short preview that can be reviewed prior to purchasing.

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