As a viewer/participant using these videos, I agree to the following conditions:

1. I understand that the Tai Chi/Qigong program may involve physical and non-physical exertion. I have no disability, impairment, or ailment whatsoever, whether physical or mental, which would be adversely affected by participation in the Tai Chi/Qigong program. I take responsibility for my own health/well-being in participating in these exercises. I participate at my own risk.

2. As a student of the TCF, I hereby agree not to write down, record, nor capture in any way the instructions or indications given to me in class, nor to teach this material without explicit permission by TCF, nor to claim to officially represent TCF.

3. I will not disseminate any material I am given in class that belongs to TCF without the written permission of TCF. All released materials will be properly acknowledged.

4. I assume the responsibilities and risks ordinarily associated with participation in all coursework I take with TCF. I release TCF from any liability or claim of any kind related to my involvement with TCF.

5. I know to make sure I am working in a space that is clear of obstructions or conditions adverse to this work.

6. I am aware that nothing in these sessions is intended as medical guidance.