Apprentice Home Page – Welcome Letter or opening

Hello, Apprentices and Teachers!

Welcome to the apprentices’ and teachers’ side of our Tai Chi Foundation website. As we relax into our 40th year as a school and a community, and our relatively new online presence with this website, I’m confident you will notice that change is a-foot.

First of all, our school and our community has grown, blossomed and matured beautifully. Just explore the website to see the breadth of our course offerings in our catalog, notice how many talented teachers we have in different teaching locations, and sense the vitality of a school that has not only longevity but energy and hopeful enthusiasm for our future.

We still specialize in teacher trainings (“apprenticeships”) and our hallmark team teaching technique. We still love to gather at intensive trainings to carry on with our Tai Chi work and play. However, one noticeable change that an the collaborative efforts of our hired administrator Penny Harrison with President John Sozstek, a hands-on Board of Directors, a more unified team of Legacy Holders, and many volunteers, is all contributing to our “coming into our own” as a major player not only in the tai chi community, but also in the fields of integrative health and wellness. A quick glance at our two directories shows how many of us are also health care practitioners and/or artists that are reviving our passion for the Five Excellences.

Please visit the section of the website for Teacher Certification. Then apply for Certification to increase your opportunities to get funded to do what you love – teach Tai Chi and our own Roots and Branches healing qi-gong. Perhaps you are among those that will qualify to be ‘grandfathered” in.

I think the nicest changes in our school are most visible when we are on the floor working together. Our shift to emphasizing Tai Chi Principles and moving with Principle has reinvigorated our teaching and for many of us, our personal practice as well. As more of us say no to fearful reactions and yes to staying awake and centered, the more ease we feel with ourselves and in our connection to others. Finally!

Whether you have been “away” from active participation or are actively teaching, take this opportunity to look around the website to acquaint yourself with YOUR school , OUR school. You can also stay in touch through our Constant Contact newsletters that circulates to all dues paid members or catch up with you by email, social media, or maybe the Teacher blog!

Warm regards,

Margaret Matsumoto or “Matsu” on behalf of the Legacy Holder teachers, the Board of Directors and the Website committee