Fall Online Intensive Eight Ways Weekend: October 3 – 4, 2020

The Eight Ways

Background & Purpose

• Passed directly from Professor Cheng to Patrick Watson, through to the teachers in this school, the Eight Ways of Tai Chi ChuanTM (Eight Ways), or eight moves from the Tai Chi form, combined with the use of imagery and visualization, are a simplified form of Tai Chi for health and relaxation. Suitable for anyone new to Tai Chi and, for our existing students, another road inward towards the embodiment of Tai Chi. 

Four of the eight ways, two each day, will be taught during this program. Pre-recorded classes (as taught at the Summer Online Intensive) for the other four of the eight ways will be available to learn/review in your own time.

• Eight Ways practice strengthens the legs, increases balance, helps us embody Tai Chi principle, and informs the activities in our daily life. 

The Eight Ways are for everybody 

• The Eight Ways can be performed on a beginning level or repeated on a very advanced level and are suitable for a wide range of individual capabilities… from the frail and those recovering from illness or injury to the most advanced Tai Chi practitioner! 

• For beginners this course makes the health benefits of Tai Chi very accessible, and for the advanced, it continues to deepen our awareness of principle and its application to daily life. 

• Doing this work together also allows us all to re-experience one of the jewels of our school.