June 20 – 21 (2 days) – Additional Apprentice only classes

June 26 – 29 (4 days) – Model classes led by Senior Teachers 

If you are a TCF Member, the cost to take the Experienceship is $45, added to the Training tuition.

Summer Online Intensive: June 26 – June 29, 2020

‘Experienceship’ Opportunity for all TCF Apprentice Teachers

The Experienceship is an opportunity for all current TCF Apprentice Teachers to grow in the art of teaching, whatever your level of teaching experience. This weekend will be the first part of these recently updated Experienceships

For those of you who are new to teaching Roots & Branches and Eight Ways, you will be able to learn, embody, and practice the material.  This is the first step in an ongoing process of deepening our understanding of Roots & Branches and Eight Ways on the path to having permission to teach this material.

For those of you who already teach Roots & Branches and Eight Ways, we want you to join us to share your experience and give constructive feedback. 

After more than 10 years of R&B material being taught in our school, it is time to review the foundation, learn about the Jing, Ying and Wei Qi qualities and the spirit we transmit when teaching.


More will follow in the Fall!

Come join us for this FUN and VERY RELAXING study – 


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