We strive to provide quality mind-body trainings of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Tai chi and qigong have ancient roots as both spiritual and healing disciplines.  Contemporary healthcare professionals increasingly acknowledge the role of such practices as tai chi and qigong in healing illness, preventing disease, maintaining wellness, and neutralizing stress.   Tai chi and qigong are among the most accessible and successful of what are now called non-pharmacological interventions (NPI) — more commonly known as mind-body practices or personal health enhancement methods.

Would you like to host an introduction to tai chi chuan and/or qigong for health enhancement  in your community or workplace? We can teach at spas, fitness centers, schools and universities, office buildings, local parks, social service agencies, hospitals, mental health agencies, addiction recovery programs, military bases, veterans administration facilities, faith institutions — even cruise ships.

From beginners to more experienced tai chi students, we can create a program just for you and your group. Click here to start a conversation with one of our faculty members about bringing tai chi and qigong to your community or business.  

TCF’s Basic Training Program

This program is designed for individuals with or without tai chi experience.  Our basic training curriculum includes fundamental tai chi skills, including a powerful set of 10 qigong exercises. It also covers the first section of the traditional Yang Style tai chi short form, physical conditioning (balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, focus, relaxation, stress reduction) and TCF meditative training (awareness, calmness, confidence).

We offer classes, workshops, retreats and training to anyone with a desire to learn, cultivate and share with others. Our faculty of experienced teachers around the globe can travel to almost any place to conduct classes for you, your group or your employees.  


What Students are Saying about The School of Tai Chi Chuan

“(Taking the tai chi summer training)…consolidated my commitment to learn tai chi and desire to continue to practice. The “Time in the Art” class gave us a feeling for the core principles and what a more advanced practice might feel like.”       

“I appreciated the variety of communication styles, the humor and the supportiveness.”

“Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing my whole body.”