Kids’ Camp makes a “tai chi holiday” at our Summer Camp perfect for the whole family.

While parents enjoy their own classes, children (from age 5 on up) can enjoy a range of organized activities close by at Kids’ Camp.

Our Kids’ Camp staff keep children happy, safe and occupied with various activities, including arts and crafts, excursions and free play. Children accompanied by a parent or caregiver are invited to play Tai Chi Kids Games®. During this session, kids play specially developed games that introduce them to tai chi principles and give them a taste of the tai chi form. (Teens may participate in adult tai chi classes.)

Kids’ Camp gives parents and caregivers the freedom to participate fully in their own classes, while sharing meals and free time with their children. The relaxed and fun atmosphere of Kids’ Camp adds a special quality to the Summer Training as a whole. Generations of kids have grown up attending Kids’ Camp, which just goes to show you…

Kids love Kids’ Camp!