TCF Response to Covid-19

The Tai Chi Foundation is proud to offer tai chi classes to support our community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since our first class on March 22, we now offer a range of online classes to the public for no charge. The response has been extremely positive with 50+ people attending classes, week after week, and sharing their gratitude for having this in their lives during this difficult time.

Moving to an online platform has enabled people from all over the world to connect, learn, and practice tai chi and qigong together. Here’s a sample of what people are saying about our programs: 

“Self-care is more important than ever and the weekly online tai chi classes have given me a new way to discover my energy, connect with a welcoming community, and be present in the moment.”

“Challenging as these times are, the TCF internet classes have become the source of motivation and inspiration.”
“The combination of teaching, meditation, practice, and Q&A makes it an immersive experience that leaves me feeling grateful for what I’ve learned and excited to learn more.”

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In other years, the Tai Chi Foundation has held annual summer residential trainings in the US and Europe. With the advent of the pandemic, in-person gatherings and trainings could not occur and our annual summer residential programs were canceled. The physical distancing needed was a substantial obstacle both to traveling to the retreat and to living and doing tai chi together. 

With this decision, we drew upon on the principles of tai chi to help us relax and adapt, and we presented our first-ever intensive online training on Zoom: the Summer Online Intensive (SOI). In June 2020, over 250 participants came together across two continents. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and demand for a follow-up fall training was very high.

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Fall Online Intensive (FOI): September 12, October 3-4, October 24, 2020

We are excited now to present our Fall Online Intensive program to new and returning students. Join us to work more deeply on Roots & Branches 5 Element QigongTM, and to learn four of the 8 Ways of Tai Chi ChuanTM. You will be participating with others in our international tai chi community, as we span time zones from Pacific Daylight Time to Central European Summer Time! (Note: all classes will be taught in English). All classes will be taught by TCF’s most senior teachers.

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