‘I particularly enjoyed discussion of the connection of the Qigong exercises with the Natural Cycle and Phases and although I have done some reading on Chinese philosophy and medicine, all the discussion was really helpful’.

Karen Toker

‘I did not know what to expect for the meditation portion and it was awesome!’


‘I was really impressed with how the program was structured.  I appreciated having the slides and having some of the movement set in both traditional (eastern medical/philosophical) context and also the opportunity to focus on practical applications of the movements.’


‘The switching back and forth and seeing from different angles, the times when one person talked while we watched another from the back, also very well done and helpful. Having foot cams, back cams, all the cams!’

Karen Christensen

‘Feedback from a newbie: It was fantastic teaching – teachers were clearly highly knowledgeable, caring. Everyone created a great community feeling. The material seemed very well chosen; even as an almost complete as a beginner I found it accessible and not overwhelming,’


‘This was an excellent program- the online format was wonderful for me because it’s hard to take time off and travel so for me this was great. The quality of the teaching came through loud and clear. I did not know how that would be.’

‘The teachers were all wonderful!!’