The Tai Chi Form:  Beginning Level

The Beginning Level of Cheng Man-ching’s form is taught in approximately 30-36 one-hour classes, divided into three separate 10-12-hour courses called B1, B2 and B3. Each class hour provides teacher demonstrations, lots of practice repetitions, hands-on adjustments by teachers, and verbal guidance. Students are asked to practice what they know at home in the morning and the evening–and more, if they can. Practice is the heart and soul of learning the form.

B1 – The First Third
In the first 10 classes, students learn the postures and moves of the first third of the form and are introduced to the principles animating these moves. Each class begins with a complete review of the previous class before moving on to the new material. Relaxation is the key to overcoming all difficulties learning the form, and it opens the door to all the benefits of practicing tai chi.  The first third is also called the Healing Third.

B2 and B3 – The Second and Third Third
The remaining 20 classes at Beginning Level follow the same pattern established in B1. By the end of B3, you will be able to practice the entire form, from beginning to end.

Learning and practicing the form at the Beginning Level lays the foundation for your future study of tai chi, should you decide to move on to the next levels. But whether you “move on” or not, you now have the basis for a life-long practice of tai chi and the enjoyment of all the health and spiritual benefits of this ancient art.