The 2023 US Summer Tai Chi Retreat!

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June 2 – 9, 2023

Smith College, Northampton, MA

We hope you join us next year!

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Join us on the shady green campus of Smith College in Northampton, MA from June 2nd to June 9th for a week of fun, learning, self-care, and exploration.

We welcome you – beginners and advanced students alike – all levels of study will be available. Beginning students can start the journey of learning the tai chi form; learn simple qigong movements to use in daily life, and participate in a meditation class daily, as well as enjoy extracurricular activities meant for all participants. If you’ve got tai chi experience already, you can further your studies of the tai chi form, sensing hands, and sword. If you are a TCF apprentice teacher, you can refine your teaching.

The common ingredient for all is an experience of deep release and softening, a renewed connection to oneself and to others, and increased inner calm and ease that permeates body, heart, and mind.

Lots of laughter punctuate our days together — this is a profound study that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We like to have fun! To that end, we have special social events planned for this summer, including local tours and an evening hang-out spot for after-hours socializing. Plus more – stay tuned! You can count on a full day of tai chi and adjunct classes; if you prefer a lighter schedule, you can choose more time for yourself and exploration of the local area.

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The Smith College website has good information about traveling there by car, bus, train or air:

This paragraph gives more information about logistics: Accommodations on campus are in old style dormitories. Single and double rooms are available at the same cost, while availability lasts – so sign up early! There are no elevators but we will endeavor to house as many people as possible on the lower floors. Dormitories have kitchens for use between meals, or if you choose not to participate in the meal plan. Bathrooms are hall bathrooms, clean and modern. We separate genders by floor except in case of couples attending together; we will make accommodations for this situation. Dining will be in a facility just a short walk from the dormitories and classroom buildings. Meals include multiple options for those with food sensitivities. Wifi is available.

If you have other questions, email: Steve [email protected] or Anne [email protected]

We can’t wait to meet you!

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Seattle STCC Summer Retreat

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