The Tai Chi Foundation produces instructional and demonstration videos, both as free teaching aids for students and as videos to purchase through our eStore as DVDs, or for streaming and downloading. 

Always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen. T'ai Chi Foundation, Inc., its affiliate Teaching Locations, and its instructors assume no responsibility for any injury incurred from the use of these videos. 

Free Videos for Beginners Learning Tai Chi Form

Legacy Holder, Margaret Olmstead, has made these videos at her studio as aids for new students. 

1. First 5 positions:  The password is: motc

2. First third of the form (14 positions):  The password is: motc

3  Whole Form:  The password is: motc2

4. First third of beginning level Yang Style Short Form

5. Second third of beginning level Yang Style Short Form

6. Third third of beginning level Yang Style Short Form

Free Qigong Video

These three moves are the preliminary exercises of the Roots & Branches 5 Element Qi Gong practice. Collectively known as TYB, they are; Tao, Yin Yang Breath, and Constant Bear & Looking Owl. These moves fortify the Jing, or the deepest energies of the body. Done upon waking they prepare us for our day. Done before sleep, in reverse order, they prepare us for restful sleep.

Download Video (with voice instructions)

Download Video (without voice instructions)

Instruction Booklet Cover

Instruction Booklet Inside

Sword Form Demonstration Videos

Videos produced by Johanna Koelman

Sword Form performed by Sherry & Jonathan

Sword Form Performed by Greg Woodson


These free practice and instruction videos are offered for free. If you would like to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. Donate here.

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Videos for Purchase

1. Principles & Practice DVD

DVD Produced for the Tai Chi Foundation by Rick Brown to be used as an aid in your study of tai chi. The first section of this DVD shows the Yang style short form as a continuous flow from beginning to end, emphasizing the internal principles of Tai Chi. The second section shows a round that pauses at the postures to point out specific indications in the form. Also included, is a short introduction to our school and as a special bonus, some rarely seen footage of our school’s founder, Patrick Watson. 27 minutes.

2. Roots & Branches 5 Element Qi Gong

TWO DVD SET: Water Wood Fire Earth Metal

Qigong Cultivates the Life Force within. Known to strengthen and heal the body, clarify the mind, and inspire the spirit. Roots & Branches 5 Element Qigong brings together the Yang Style Tradition of Tai Chi and Classical 5 Element Chinese Medicine.


Videos by Margaret Olmsted are copyrighted © 2020 Margaret Olmsted. All other videos are copyrighted by © 2020 T'ai Chi Foundation, Inc.