October 24 - November 14, 2021


Join us for this 22-day at-home qigong practice as you become the White Crane, experiencing the intake of the heavens with your breath, strengthening your defensive qi, and heightening your wellbeing, and attuning to the Metal element.

Within the autumn season's energy, we can open ourselves to the inspiration of…

  • breathing deeply into our lungs
  • feeling the air on our skin and awakening our surface qi
  • seeing the magnificent autumn colors 
  • releasing the debris of what we no longer need to hold on to 
  • clearing the mind and letting creativity flow


Autumn light so pristine

Autumn air fierce

Inspire breath — Mind alight


Above, you can read a three-line poem. Are you inspired? Will you write one? Share it, or keep it? Free yourself of restraints. Let breathing with the moves guide you. Breathe in inspiration, and release in body and mind and spirit as you exhale.

TCF's Seasonal Qigong Tunings consist of qigong movements, massages, and breathing which generate Qi energy for your health and wellbeing. Tune into Autumn and harmonize with others around the world as you practice, separate but connected, united in developing Qi for yourself and the wellbeing of all.

We hope that you will participate and invite your students and friends to participate along with you. It is wonderful to tune into and harmonize with nature and with people worldwide who are doing the same movements during the same time.

The program will begin with an online Zoom session on October 24 at 1:15 pm EDT or 19.15 CET. (The link will be sent out after you register.) Then we will proceed with each person doing the work at home on their own on a daily basis. We will attune to each other as we find balance in our lives, quiet our minds and harmonize with the season of Autumn and the Metal element. 

Love to hear from you,

Gerrie Sporken and Margaret Olmsted

Pat Gorman in Spirit


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Simple Steps to Tune-Up for Autumn

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  2. Periodically throughout the Tuning, you will receive an email from Margaret Olmsted, one of our teachers.


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