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  • Jason Bodnar

    Thank You Patrick for giving me some light along the way. I have found evidence of only two teachers who have called this exactly what it is and have described the basic tenets and actions as the same. As far as I know – I am part of this work in progress in being the current teacher to share it. My contributions to Tai Chi Skiing will be shown this year and shared in my school. My background and upbringing have given me some added sensitivities and skills that have always been active in my life. 46 years as a competitive champion freestyle “ballet” skier along with being supported by my father who taught me martial arts which gave me the foundation for this project. My father’s friend Sensei Tanka Ramos imparted the core teaching for me to carry into development of adding dual staff energy weapon expression into the system. It took me over 25 years to get to the the leap wherein it became a reality for me and I can teach skiing to people and get them to be safe with flow in very little time. I would be grateful to maybe know more about those who were taught by Wayne or Patrick. If any of your staff has questions of me – feel free to reach out to me. I do not claim to teach Tai Chi only the form of skiing that represents my school and personal expression. I would be interested in learning some specific aspects of the art form in the future. I operate out of Northern California and I have students on both coasts. This blog post along with the random Kung Fu Magazine I bought with Lou Reed on the cover in 2003 that I saved and recently salvaged have the only two documents of real practitioners. To me this is my life’s work and it seems that right about now – people are ready to get involved with this. It only made sense to aim to reach out for others who get it.

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