Els Eijssens


Like many apprentices I have supported the School over the years in bigger and smaller ways, with coordination (Summer Trainings), promotion, administration, writing reports and generally being a “right hand”, communicator or adviser when needed. Since 2010 I serve as facilitator and chairperson of the cross-Atlantic video meetings of the Legacy Holders.

As an 8th level apprentice I teach at Summer and Winter Trainings and sometimes at workshops or at the Amsterdam location. I started practicing tai chi in the same year as my professional life began (1975). With an MD in psychology I worked with families of disturbed children for some 15 years, doing family therapy, teaching parenting skills to groups of parents and spending training time with the families as a ‘Nanny‘. Alongside I taught psychology, group work methods and communication skills at a College for social workers, while also coaching students individually or in small groups.

Later I changed to the field of ‘Dutch integrated primary healthcare’, becoming a staff member in a city-wide corporation focused on multidisciplinary cooperation between official health care professionals. Since 2005 I am self-employed with expertise in teamwork, conflict management, counseling, process and project management, quality systems, certification, small scale research, patient safety, patient satisfaction, designing procedures, checklists, questionnaires, manuals, models, reports and the like.

Now I am over 65, I intend to work less. Our School and my professional life competed for my attention all along. Amidst the pull of both, the practice of tai chi at home never stopped to be a constant, strong and unifying light in my life.