Jesse Leinfelder

With a long professional career in early childhood as a program manager and a teacher of adults under my belt, I am now devoting time and energy to the Tai Chi School to increase our ability to bring benefits of Tai Chi especially to those who need it most.  I have benefitted greatly from Tai Chi study, practice and teaching over many years, starting in 1978 in Gainesville and most recently teaching online Eight Ways with persons with breathing disorders.

I’m currently involved in rewarding work with the leaders of our many local Schools in efforts to make the apprenticeship process more attractive and accessible, to increase the number of new teachers supporting local Schools.  We are exploring offering local apprenticeships, with online support as needed,  and encouraging interested students to serve as assistant teachers as they begin their Tai Chi journey.

The work of keeping a local School flourishing requires amazing effort- I want to give a shout-out to all the teachers devoting time and energy to sharing our Tai Chi curriculum through classes day in and day out!