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    Love hearing you process


    We here in Chicago have also come to that same conclusion that many new students need qigong and 8 Ways vs. the form. Patrick and I were inspired by Mark Preston’s talk this summer about how he has been offering a similar class and finds that some students do get inspired to then take the form and others are perfectly happy doing the qigong/8 Ways. MO, I particularly like that you’ve titled a class Improving Balance.

    Yesterday Margaret Matsumoto did an interview of a potential new B1 Apprentice that is in his late 40’s. He came to us knowing the form and had even taught when he was in his 20’s. Matsu asked him what was it about this school that made him want to teach with us and he said something like, “With respect, all the teachers are old, I mean older, and they don’t try to show off like younger teachers and students. They are humble and willing to share whatever they know.” 

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