Margaret Matsumoto

Margaret Matsumoto has dedicated her adult life to the teaching of tai chi chuan, emphasizing the spiritual beauty of the art and its relevance to harmonious everyday life. She shares with the school’s many teachers a commitment to transmit the essence of the teachings passed by founding teacher Patrick Watson, and his teacher, Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch’ing.

For the last 45+years, she has taught thousands of students in workshops and intensive trainings. “Matsu” helped develop the school’s unique Teacher Training program and mentors apprentices as they continue learning to teach.  She serves on the Internal Affairs Committee, the Training Committee, the Curriculum & Manual Revision Committee, and the Legacy Holders Advisory Council.   She is also co-leader of the Teacher Certification project .

You may recognize Matsu in some of the school’s teaching and promotional materials. She inspired the creation of the Patrick Watson Memorial library for both archival print and media. However, Matsu’s favorite roles remain learning, teaching, and supporting others in their personal spiritual journey.