Roots & Branches 5 Element Qi Gong


TWO DVD SET: Water Wood Fire Earth Metal

Cultivates the Life Force within.
Known to strengthen and heal the body, clarify the mind, and inspire the spirit.
Roots & Branches 5 Element Qigong brings together the Yang Style Tradition of Tai Chi and Classical 5 Element Chinese Medicine.

Price: $24.95

Principles & Practice DVD


DVD Produced for the Tai Chi Foundation by Rick Brown to be used as an aid in your study of tai chi.

The first section of this DVD shows the Yang style short form as a continuous flow from beginning to end, emphasizing the internal principles of Tai Chi. The second section shows a round which pauses at the postures to point out specific indications in the form. Also included, is a short introduction to our school and as a special bonus, some rarely seen footage of our school’s founder, Patrick Watson. 27 minutes.

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Published by the School of T’ai Chi Chuan, Inc.

An exclusive Beginning Level Chart showing the movements of the first third of the Yang Style Short Form as modified by Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing. This easy-to-read chart shows:

  • Illustration and name of each posture and intermediary movements
  • Diagrams indicating weight placement to help the beginning student practice at home

Each: $12.00

Price: $12.00

Opening the Gate of Life by Dave Goodell


Wisdom for Cultivating Health, Vitality and Longevity
by David Goodell, M.Ac.

Drawing on 35 years of meditation and the study, practice and teaching tai chi and Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, this engaging, concise book presents the fundamental concepts of balancing and nourishing our vital chi energy to become and remain well.  Recommended for tai chi teachers, students, and anyone else with a body who would like to more fully understand the principles of health and awareness that are the foundation of ancient Chinese medicine and healing arts.


Price: $16.95

"There Are No Secrets" by Wolfe Lowenthal


Part insight to the influential Tai Chi Professor, part sagely advice on how to practice Tai Chi, and part one man’s personal search for meaning, There Are No Secrets is composed of many short untitled chapters that relate these parts in an almost wandering way. Each chapter is self-contained and brief enough to drive the point without pontificating. Lowenthal’s “relaxed” style is invigorating and helps the overall flow of the book making it a joy to read.

Softcover $16.95 plus s/h

Price: $16.95

Master Cheng's New Method of Taichi Ch'uan Self-Cultivation by Cheng Man-ch'ing, Mark Hennessy (Translator)


Cheng Man-ch'ing, the famed master of t'ai chi, is regarded as an enormously influential figure in codifying the most widely practiced form of this ancient martial art. This volume, developed by the martial arts master and scholar, details how students arrive at a posture -- from beginning movements to the end pose. Master Cheng provides practitioners with a complete and concise guide to the Short Form, enabling them to make rapid progress.

Price: $13.95

NYC T’ai Chi in B&W, photographs by Ken Van Sickle and Terry Marks


NYC T’ai Chi in black and white, photographs by Ken Van Sickle and Terry Marks

We are very proud to offer this book, a collaboration by one of our apprentice teachers, Terry Marks, and the renowned photographer, T’ai Chi practitioner, and student of Cheng Man-Ch’ing, Ken Van Sickle!

T’ai chi is an internal Chinese martial art that encompasses a system for health as well as philosophy.

Price: $25.00