Robert Etherington


Bob Etherington has been teaching Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons for more than twenty years at the Feldenkrais Learning Center. He has given workshops throughout the country at Universities, medical centers and other public forums. Bob also has a private Feldenkrais practice working with children, seniors and adults with various challenges including; neck and back pain, breathing difficulties, movement disorders and repetitive stress injuries. After graduating from Anat Baniel’s 1991 Feldenkrais training program, he established a practice that spans the greater New York City area.

Bob began his movement studies as a scholastic athlete and has studied Martial Arts since 1974, focusing primarily on Tai Chi and judo since the mid eighties. Bob is also a professional singer, having received a Masters degree in Vocal Performance in 1983. He has given more than 2000 public performances, including in excess of 200 with the New York Philharmonic.

Contact: [email protected]

Photo: Rosalie O’Connor