Sherry Kent


Contact Information:
Acupuncture Practice UNWIND
Sumatrakade 451
1019 PP Amsterdam
Phone:  31-20-421-1956
Cell phone: 31-64-191-6374

Education and Credentials:

      • Acupuncture, Traditional Five Element:  The College of Traditional Acupuncture, UK:  diplomas Lic.Ac.1986 and B.Ac.1990.
      • Tai Chi Chuan:  senior teacher of Tai Chi, 8 Ways for seniors and Qi Gong, with The Tai Chi Foundation (US) and The School for Tai Chi Chuan Amsterdam (NL), 1975- present.
      • Goddard College, US, BA diploma 1975.
      • Arica Institute:  meditation, self-development, self-observation and massage, 1973-1991.
      • Trager bodywork Approach:  2013-present.
      • Continuing Education: Nutrition; Dialoging techniques for help with making decisions, examining painful thought patterns and gaining self-insight; Mindfulness; Upledger CST & SER and basic First Aid.


      • NTAV: Traditional Acupuncture Association, 1988-present.
      • VBAG:  Dutch Society for Promotion of Alternative Healthcare, 2000-present.
      • RBCZ:  Dutch Register for Complementary Health Care Practitioners, 2015-.